The birth of matches has a tortuous history. From the beginning of the eleventh century, there were ignition tools similar to matches. At the end of the nineteenth century, the technology was perfected to produce the matches we use today. Especially in search of white phosphorus substitute money, matchworkers are deeply troubled by match factory disease. White phosphorus is a highly toxic chemical, and this disease is caused by inhalation of white phosphorus vapor. Until the appearance of red phosphorus solved this difficulty. To ignite a match, one would need to rub the red phosphorous-coated match tip against a stick of fire, making it safer to start a fire. Before the studio match factory found red phosphorus as a substitute, a kind of ignition tool called friction match was born, which can ignite fire by rubbing against rough walls, ground, shoe soles and other places. This makes it convenient for people to use matches anytime and anywhere, but the flammable characteristics bring the safety hazard of fire, so friction matches are eventually eliminated by safety matches. The match factory restaurant menu is a menu in the shape of a book match, with words and patterns printed on the match box for people to choose dishes. These restaurant menu matches are usually recycled matchboxes, saving resources and making the dining environment more comfortable.

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