The industrial revolution liberated people’s productivity, and people were able to use equipment for large-scale mass production, making material products more abundant. The match factory has gained unprecedented support in this special eraDevelop a match factory, people have always had a demand for ignition tools. Cheap matches, produced by machines in large quantities and reduced in price, reduced the use ofmatchesmatchesThe threshold enables every household to use matches.
In the Match Factory movie, you can indirectly understand how to make a match from a tree. When one visits a match factory, one can find a match display case displaying famous matches made by designers throughout history. The design language on these art matches is not inferior to other art matches to this day. In order for matches to continue to shine in the new era, the owner of the match factory opened up the road of artistic matches. This is a high-end road with an artistic flavor, making matches full of beauty and bringing art appreciation to thousands of households. New functional features are developed in the match, so that the match is no longer just an ignition tool and has more functions to adapt to more occasions.

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