It is difficult to see matches in daily life. With the popularization of lighters, the near me match factory could not sustain itself and closed down. Workers in the match factory switched careers one after another to find other jobs to continue their lives. In the eyes of some people, matches are destined to be unable to compete with lighters, but the owner of the match factory does not think so. Matches may not have much advantage over lighters on the same track, so it may be different if you change to another track. The main differentiation features enable Matches to play to their strengths.
The match in people’s inherent impression is a match with a red head and a white pole in the shape of a yellow paper box. Match manufacturers explored the functional characteristics of matchboxes. Compared with matchboxes and lighters of the same size, the display surface of the matchbox with six display surfaces is larger. People can design patterns and characters on the surface of the matchbox for advertising and other functions, which endows the match with more functional characteristics and makes the match suitable for more scenes. Let Match bring more value to people with a new face in the new era.
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