Matches are a tool that people often use to light fire, but small matches contain huge commercial and artistic value. People have been groping on the road of exploring matches, and gradually created many impressive artistic matches. The artistic characteristics of matches are mainly reflected in its surface with sufficient printing space, and people make various patterns on the surface of matchboxes for various fields. The surface of the match is not only a good means for sellers to attract people’s attention, but also a function for people to customize matches for gift giving, art appreciation and advertising. People boldly tried various printing and painting techniques on matches, and created many unique and novel modeling matches, which made the applicable fields of matches expand with the development of the times, which is also the reason why matches can last for a long time.Match clip artis a combination of clip art design elementsart book matchesart book matches, with strong randomness and creativity, it is a good way for stores to attract people to visit today.
Box art and craft matches complement each other. While matchboxes are deeply loved by people, matches created by new crafts are also favored by people. The new matches are longer than the old ones. Selected varieties of raw materials make the matches feel high-grade, have a textured appearance and are convenient for people to use. Multi-color heads and multi-size matches give people room for creation. People use these matches to make match mosaics in a new field. Match heads are like pixels, and the match paintings composed of these pixels are full of artistic value and ornamental value. Preserving these matches in a frame, hanging them on the wall or placing them at home is a very artistic home decoration, and it is a good helper for people to create home aesthetics.
Matchbox art has always been one of the art forms that people pursue, and classical matchboxes have fascinated match collectors so much that they have been searching for old matches all over the world. Old matches embody the needs of people in the past period of time in the social context, and the designer created matches with the characteristics of the times. People get a glimpse of the artistic atmosphere of that era through the production methods of these matches and the pattern design language on the matches. This is an art exchange that travels through time and space. This is very attractive to match collectors, which is why they are happy to run around collecting matches.

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