The glass jar christmas matches with lid can well isolate the air from contacting the matches, so that the matches will be damaged by moisture. During the Christmas period, there are many interesting Christmas glass jar matches in the Christmas glass match shop. There are antler-shaped covers and gingerbread man-shaped covers. The covers are like a small open space where you can make all kinds of interesting decorations. People with strong hands-on ability can buy an ordinary upper cover for DIY through their own handmade.
Christmas glass jars of white matches are often used in churches, used with white candles for wishing, and filled with sacred and solemn prayers. When the matches are used up, the glass jars can be used with candles to make Christmas match glass jar candles. Use shaped Christmas candles to arrange the scene, such as Santa Claus, elk, gingerbread man, Christmas elves, etc., and create a miniature scene by constructing the scene, just like a mini world exists in a jar. It is also possible to make shapes through special techniques, and use the light of candles to reflect the shadows of various shapes, so that the characters in the pictures can come to people vividly.

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