I am a book match lover. Books and matches by my side.I like to collect matches and integrate them into a thick collection book. When I fill the blank space with my favorite book matches, I can feel the satisfaction brought by the collection.

The history of book matches begins with Ol’ Josh, a Philadelphia lawyer. Ol’ Josh invented the book match in the US in 1892 Diamond Match Company bought the rights to it in 1894 and the matchbox was in transit. There is also a particularly interesting history of copyright disputes about Book Match, which will be discussed next time. South African book matches ignite firewood as a portable ignition device. Book matches are available in a variety of styles, including retro book matches, banned book matches, greeting card book matches, etc.There are places around you where you need books and matches. In daily life, I recommend using affordable supermarket matches over expensive collectibles.Book of mathces near me. 

I have a small suggestion to keep their box, maybe in the near future they will also be the retro book matches people are looking for.

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