Book matches are a new type of matches. Different from traditional matches, it has a variety of patterns. Book matches are often used in advertising, gift giving, etc. This is the birth of media book matches, advertising book matches, and art book matches. Multifunctional matches, etc. The definition of book matches: also known as comb-type matches. Cut into strips (about 45nm in width) from cardboard or wood chips, and then punch out tooth-shaped thin strips horizontally, with a tooth width of about 3mm, and the root Matches made of connected combs, dipped in wax oil and medicinal materials at the teeth ends. Usually 10 pieces are used as a piece, and Z–3 pieces are stacked into a book, plus a cover, coated with phosphorous surface, and the appearance is book-like .Tear off one of them when using and rub it on the phosphorous surface. The shape is flat and thin, easy to carry. We are Fangzhou match factory, we will provide you with the service of customizing book matches. Affordable, cost-effective, good quality Good control, after-sales service in place so that you have no worries, welcome your consultation.

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