A small book match contains fascinating artistic design. It is like a complete book. From the cover to the content design, it is depicted around a theme, and the patterns and words echo each other. Vintage books of the last century Matches are sought after by people, and manufacturers of wholesale book matches are actively developing and producing book matches, so that people can see the charm of the times again.
Are Vintage Book Matches Worth? Vintage book matches are valuable because they have a limited stock in the world. They have artistic value created by the background of the times and cannot be reproduced now. Matchbox collectors can even spend $1,000 for a vintage book match. .This shows that the value of retro books is different. Generally speaking, there are 50 French book matches, large-capacity book matches, which can be used for a long time. 50 book matches are really a good choice for those who have the habit of using matches frequently. If you are interested in book matches, Fangzhou Match Factory is a Chinese company specializing in the production of matches and scented candles for 20 years. We have a complete set of equipment to provide you with customized services.

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