Match with book on the cover, the cover of the book match is as delicate and beautiful as the same book, the most eye-catching is their cover. The attractive cover is the effective cover, and the cover of the book match can be used as an advertising tool, It can also be used as a greeting card when giving gifts. The definition of book matches is that it is named for its flat and thin packaging shape and resembles a book. Its stalks are punched from wood chips or cardboard, and each 10 or 15 is a group, one end The bases are connected in the form of comb teeth, and one end of the stem tip is dipped in paraffin wax and medicinal slurry. After making a match, bind it with a cardboard cover into a book. The phosphorus layer is painted on the binding of the cover. The matches are beautiful in appearance and easy to carry.
The small book matches are exquisite, compact and easy to carry, and have excellent performance in emergency situations. The large book matches are loved by people who often use matches on a daily basis. It has a large capacity and a large number of matches and is economical. The matches around me are usually in the Book matches bought in convenience stores or supermarkets, matches in my life are usually used as lighting tools, especially useful in barbecues, campfire parties, and kitchens.

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