Match book frame is a frame made by people collecting book matches, just like a beautiful painting created by various combinations of book matches Book match is named for being like a complete book. From the cover to the contents, it revolves around a theme in the design
Gucci has launched book matches, Gucci is a Book match manufacturer People use Gucci book matches like a high-class business card, representing noble identity and elegant quality of life.

How thick is the cover of a Book match? Generally speaking, the cover of book matches is 21 / 8 x 17 / 16 x 1 / 2 inches. People worry about the potential fire hazard and ask whether book matches are safe. With the development of technology and technology, book matches are much safer than before If you want to experience customized book matches, our Fangzhou match factory has 20 years of experience in specializing in the production of matches, aromatic candles and their peripheral products. Professional equipment provides you with high-quality customized services

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