The concept of match book art is to make book matches a carrier for communicating art and sharing one’s own spiritual thoughts. In the designed book matches, you can feel the feelings and meanings of the designer’s creation. The history of book matches dates back to the beginning of the last century, when matches were the mainstream ignition tools. In that era, all kinds of books and matches emerged in an endless stream.
For the competitiveness of their products, merchants will try their best to create fresh designs to attract people to buy books and matches. There are so many styles of book matches that people see, but there are very few vintage book matches in the world today. Book match collectors like to collect book matches from all over the world and frame them to create a work of art. Book and match collectors trade or trade to collect vintage book matches they are obsessed with. Some book match lovers will make book matches according to their own preferences. The Book and Match Museum is to display all kinds of book matches, so that people’s living conditions, different pursuits of beauty and social environment can be obtained from the book matches.

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