What is a book match? Book matches are shaped like a matchbox, and there are usually exquisite patterns and fonts on the cover. Are book matches safe matches? Safety matches are matches that can only be struck and ignited on a special friction surface. This design greatly increases the safety factor when people use matches in their daily lives and reduces tragedies caused by fires. Book matches are safety matches, which only Can be ignited by blowing and rubbing the phosphor-faced cover.
Customized book and matchbox napkins usually appear at the dinner table of elites. The book and match are placed on the table in the form of greeting cards, which contain the organizer’s sincere wishes to the guests. Can the book and match be mailed? Matches are flammable and usually cannot be mailed. Of course, you can pack the matches and explain to the courier reasonably. I believe they will serve you as much as possible. Customized book matches can be negotiated through bulk purchases. Get customized book matches at a lower price.Fangzhou Match Factory can provide you with high-quality and inexpensive bulk customized book matches.Fangzhou Match Factory has professional supporting equipment for 20 years, specializing in the manufacture of matches, scented candles and their peripheral products.

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