First, in hotels and other occasions:
① The safety of matches is far greater than that of lighters. The standard of safety matches is to ensure that they do not spontaneously ignite for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. This temperature is much higher than the temperature in the daily environment. The lighter is exposed to the sun and other conditions. , it is easy to explode or burn.
② The cost of matches is lower than that of lighters. Compared with lighters, the minimum purchase cost of hotel-made matches is only 0.05 yuan, which is 5 cents per box. This is the cost that lighters are unlikely to achieve. The A2 matches on the market are made by Fangzhou. The name of the match factory and the determined specifications are very popular in the match market.
③ The advertisement page (display surface) of matches should be larger than what the lighter can display, and the content is rich, and LOGO, address and telephone number and company profile can be printed.
However, after the state promulgated the “Smoking Ban” in 2013, matches are rarely seen in hotels, and matches are gradually fading out of people’s field of vision. As for why other occasions have not eliminated matches:
① In terms of culture, in the North American match market, the United States, Canada, and Mexico, in order to improve the quality of a cigar, matches, even those made of Spanish cedar wood, are used. Many people buy wedding matches when they get married.
② For historical reasons, modern matches were born in Europe. At present, many supermarkets sell matches. There are traditional “foreign fire” 43MM matches, and there are also 28033MM matches for fireplaces, which can burn for more than 50 seconds. Matches in Europe not only Instead of declining, there are more and more patterns, and more and more volumes, and the testing standards are also improving year by year. From the initial EN1783 sulfur-free matches, to the current matches that need to pass the Daphnia test, the quality requirements are already very high. The flea test requires the matches to be placed in the environment of large fleas for several days, and to ensure that there is no danger to the life and reproduction of water fleas. At present, there are not many match manufacturers that can meet the water flea test, and the Fangzhou Match Factory broke through this technology in 2020.
③ The emerging scented candles that are popular with young people are gradually being sought after in the market. For candles, matches are generally chosen, accompanied by exquisite matchboxes, and scented scented candles to enhance the taste of life. Matches + candles The golden partner, Fangzhou Match Factory, also launched a scented candle production line on this basis, and established the Fangzhou Candle Factory. Looking forward to the future, matches will still be spread on the market, although environmental protection policies are imperative, but because the wood used for matches is Poplar, a fast-growing wood, grows rapidly, and China’s high-end matchsticks are currently from Russian poplar, which has a limited impact on the environment.

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