The book match has a history of a hundred years, and the secret of its enduring is that it is complete, like a book designed around the theme from the inside out. The patterns from the cover to the matches are all designed around the same theme, and all the pattern elements serve the theme. Christmas-themed book matches are a classic among holiday book matches. Marketing Christmas custom book matches during Christmas.
Not only does a book match serve as a lighting tool, it also makes a great decoration and gift. During the Christmas period, some restaurants will carry out custom Christmas book match decoration, and people can harvest the blessings on the book match when they use the custom Christmas book match napkin. It is practical and beautiful, and the collected books and matches can also be decorated with frames as murals to decorate houses. In retro-themed shops, you can even buy custom Christmas book matches in the 1990s. You can customize the Christmas book match fonts on it to make the artistic styles of the two eras collide. It is a very impactful picture that shocks people’s visual nerves.
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