Matchboxes and glass jars are commonly used to store matches. Matchboxes are easy to carry around, while glass jars are suitable for storing large quantities of matches. During the Christmas period, there will also be some special Christmas glass jar matches. The old Christmas glass jar matches can also be used as decorations or store some small items after using the matches. For example, put lamps or cutout drawings of matches and Christmas patterns into glass jars to make Christmas glass jar match lamps. The light emitted by a lit lamp or a lit match will cast a lot of interesting patterned shadows.
When people choose Christmas glass jar matches, sometimes they can’t find the Christmas glass jar matches in their minds. At this time, you can consider customizing the Christmas glass jar matches, starting from the Christmas glass jar match lid, and there are various styles of lids to choose from or provide design drawings for production. You can even make a Christmas ball glass jar match if you want, or a Christmas drink glass jar match
Fangzhou Match Factory has provided matches, scented candles and peripheral products for global match users for 20 years, and has a complete supporting production line to provide high-quality products and services.

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