The traditional matches are gradually eliminated by the tide of the times, and the new ones are favored by people. The traditional matches are old-fashioned kraft paper matches, usually 43MM long. This kind of matches is generally yellow or brown, the quality is not very good, it is difficult to use, and it has certain characteristics. Dangerous. The emerging match products favored by people today include art matches, book matches, glass jar matches, etc. People can customize match factory VR through online view a custom match factory Custom match factory.
People in need can custom match factory custom match factoryIt is a very efficient way to communicate directly with match manufacturers offline. People can understand that the production environment of Xinxing matches is completely different from the past through intuitive feelings, and experience the production process of Xinxing matches through customized match workshops. .Xinxing Match uses a complete set of production equipment, and uses avant-garde production technology to customize the production of Xinxing Match, which is safe and portable, and has a certain artistic value and collection value.
Fangzhou Match Factory produces matches, scented candles and peripheral products.

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