Bakery shops often hold various activities to attract people to buy goods in the store, and try to be as attractive as possible through cake and match ideas.Cake Souvenir Matches give it to people who come and go. There will be exquisite LOGO patterns and store promotional copy on the front of the cake matchbox, so that people can easily understand the relevant product information of the bakery. people can pass cake match information on finding bakeries.
Of course, cake matches can not only be used for advertising, but also can be used as gifts, cake menu display and other functions. The bakery designs creative pictures through cake match boxes to customize cake matches. Different consumers will also customize according to the survey. The perfect souvenir cake match, which improves customer consumption experience and increases repeat customers to attract customers. Cake matches can not only design patterns and text on the front and back of the match, but also use different shapes of match boxes to customize a variety of interesting matches to attract customers. Customers. For example, you can customize a book-style cake match, which is to print a beautiful cake match on the cover, the match is made into a cake shape, and a short story can be written on the inside of the match, so that the book match of the same book is completed.

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