Aroma lovers and tobacco lovers will prepare ignition tools at home, so matches will be a good end to emergency needs. Bakery shops sale bake matches, and people can buy baking matches in bakeries or in supermarkets. How to use matches for baking? Take out a match from the matchbox, hold the match in one hand, and hold the matchbox in the other hand. Hold the match head, which is the round end with phosphorus, against the matchbox’s matchstick, and then quickly use the match across the matchstick to easily light the match.
In the match shop, people can experience the fun of hand-made match baking, and customize matches and match boxes with their hands. People can see other people’s match baking pictures in the store, and appreciate the whimsy of different people to make baked matches through artistic language. During some festivals or events, people will make a series of baking matches around the theme of festivals and events, and combining the baking matches into a set makes the baking matches more luxurious and artistic, and even some excellent baking match designs have collection value, making them artistic The value far exceeds its own value.
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