The era of traditional kraft paper matches is gradually passing away. People cannot live without fire in their daily lives. The appearance of lighters has gradually eliminated traditional matches. The emergence of new types of matches has made the match market burst into vitality and let matches enter people’s field of vision again. The new type of matches has been improved in technology to make matches that are convenient for people to use safely and portable. In some special environments, lighters have the potential to explode, which is why people choose matches. Match baking is achieved through advertising, art appreciation and ignitionBaking match value.Simulation of baked goods designed by simulation match bakingmatchesmatchesAnd the matchbox realizes the art of match baking. Through the design language of baking matches, the products launched by the bakery are vividly presented to the customers. This is a good way to sell the products and the novel promotion method will make customers curious. This is something that traditional promotion cannot do. People get baking matches through match-baking purchases, take out matchboxes and light matches at campfires, cigarettes and fireplaces. This will leave people with an image of enjoying life and pursuing a high quality of life, and improve their image in people’s minds.

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