Christmas glass jars and art complement each other, and the artist creates stunning artworks through the special creative techniques of matches and the special effects of glass jars.You can find a lot of knowledge about scented candles on the Internet, and people use scented matches to show their special beauty. Funny people with particularly funny cells publish Christmas match glass jar funny videos, telling a Christmas joke through matches and Christmas glass jars to make people laugh.
Christmas glass jar matches and mystery Through the matches in the glass jar and the surface of the glass jar, through the shadow of the candle, when people find that the patterns on the bottle can be combined into snowflake patterns, Santa Claus patterns, elk patterns and gingerbread man patterns Wait, will also be curious about this mysterious production method.The glass match pot medicine jar with matches will be an exotic atmosphere experience, feel the Christmas atmosphere of other cultures, and appreciate the wonderful experience brought by cultural collision. The Christmas glass jar match schedule is that there will be a Christmas countdown on the surface of the Christmas glass jar matches, just like a calendar, and the matches inside will also have corresponding patterns to make them look like a whole.

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