Matches are not only a tool for ignition, but also a tool for recording history. Match collectors explore the mysteries of artistic language on matches and feel the artistic design inspiration of people in history. This is an artistic exchange across time and space. The history of the match factory can be seen in the match factory picture of the match factory in the city composed of many matches. The London Match Factory provides the British people with many richly shaped matches. These matches met the fire needs of the British people at that time, and some personalized matches met people’s needs for art appreciation. Especially the match factory in the Victorian era, with the rapid development of the times, the speed of people’s exchange of ideas increased, and many imaginative and shocking artistic creations were born. These matches are still not outdated today and have high artistic appreciation and collection value.
Match collectors collect old matchboxes and pay more for art. The match factory is constantly creating new matches to meet the needs of match users around the world, so that matches can spark new sparks in the new era.

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