Can you still find matches now? Yes, there are still match factories that continue to provide match services to match users. Factory matches distributtion are all over the world, with most match factories located in Asia. With the popularity of lighters, match factories moved to more affordable areas or closed down. Many young people have never used or even seen a match, but in recent years there has been a growing wave of new matches. As people pay attention to the quality of life and use scented candles to have a sense of ritual and artistic appreciation for lighting tools, another path for matches has been opened up.
The working principle of the match is the principle of generating heat through the friction of objects, mainly through the heat generated by the friction between the match head and the fire bar to ignite the chemicals on the match head. Matches are an ignition tool with strong customization properties. There is a large space on the matchbox for people to customize patterns and texts. The match heads and matchsticks can be customized in color according to preferences. Match collectors collect all kinds of matches and use frames to preserve and display them, which can not only protect the matches but also combine into a new match flower, which can be placed at home as an art appreciation decoration, or given to others as a gift.

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