match striker paper has the same purpose and material as the fire bars on matchboxes. match striker on the surface of the match striker paper makes it easy to light matches. If you have a lot of old matchboxes but can’t light matches, then do wholesale match striker paper for DIY cutting , Replacing the fire stick on the original matchbox can re-light the match. The match striker around me is often used on the fire stick of the matchbox.By purchasing custom bulk matches and match striker, they can make Matches you like. After the improvement of the craftsmanship, the match striker also has various shapes. Clean up the match container and keep the container dry. Cut out your favorite match striker shape with cutting tools such as scissors and utility knife and stick it on the match container.This simple match box is completed, and finally the Fill the matchbox with matches and you have your own custom matches.People can distribute it in the Businesses can find bulk match striker and can buy match striker. People can make custom matches from empty containers around them, such as beautiful bottles, beautiful cartons, etc.

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